Support for the Wichí people of Argentina
Apoyo al pueblo Wichí de Argentina

Chacolinks supports the oppressed indigenous people of the Argentine Chaco who call themselves the Wichí and who have inhabited the area for thousands of years. The future of indigenous peoples depends on their having control of their traditional territories and natural resources; we therefore support legal action in defence of Wichí land rights within Argentina. To this end, we are also committed to awareness-raising and letter-writing campaigns.

We focus our efforts on a group of Wichí villages in Salta Province which have linked together to form an indigenous organisation called ‘Our Forest’, or Zlaqatahyi in the Wichí language. This aims to protect the fragile forest ecology of the Wichí’s ancestral habitat from the threats of logging, deforestation and intensive cash-crop production. In addition, we provide funding to assist the setting up of small-scale projects to relieve poverty.

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NEWSFLASH: Campaign - Call for Demarcation of WichÝ Territory  
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