Support for the Wichí people of Argentina
Apoyo al pueblo Wichí de Argentina
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Chacolinks offers support for the oppressed indigenous peoples of Northern Argentina. We aim to provide material assistance, in the form of small-scale projects to relieve poverty, combining this with pressure to uphold indigenous land rights at both national and provincial levels of government. We are focusing our efforts on the Wichí villages close to Tartagal in Salta Province; these have linked to form 'Our Forest' or Zlaqatahyi in the Wichí language, to protect their ancestral habitat from logging and deforestation, and to preserve the fragile ecology of their lands from the threat of intensive agriculture. We are providing fabrics and embroidery threads for the women of these communities, to hand-sew clothes to wear and sell, and we have sent educational material as well. We are funding a clean water supply for the village of Hoktek T'oi and have given financial support towards the building of a fence around the community, as well as an enclosure to protect the market garden from livestock grazing. We are funding legal costs for land rights claims as well as running a letter-writing campaign on the issue of Wichí land rights.

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Chacolinks is now a UK Charitable Trust.

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The Cooperative Bank, PO Box 250, Delf House, Southway, Skelmersdale WN8 6WT, UK
Account number: 65149854, Sort Code:08-92-99

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