Support for the Wichí people of Argentina
Apoyo al pueblo Wichí de Argentina

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Photos / Threats and Conflicts

  • Coffin of a young WichÝ man, killed under the wheels of a logging truck

  • Illegal logging the Zlaqatahyi forests for timber 2009

  • WichÝ families look at illegally taken timber, 2013

  • More illegally taken timber, 2013

  • Deforestation on land subject to Expropriation Bill 2001, still unreturned to the WichÝ.

  • Peaceful protest against logging, 2008

  • Roque Miranda after rubber bullet attack, 2009

  • Chain used in forest clearance during Simon Reeve's visit

  • Bulldozers, with Simon Reeves, 2009

  • Cleared forest floor, seen during Simon Reeve's visit, 2009

  • Tear gas in Tsofwachat attack (Pozo Nuevo) 2005